Real-time intelligence sharing for the unique needs of 1st Responders

Evertel brings all your government agency communication and intelligence sharing together. A single place for messaging, files, intel and collaboration.

Protect your career, your agency’s reputation, and the victims & witnesses you serve

Current communication methods used by most agencies – email, SMS texting, public messaging apps – are NOT secure, NOT safe, and put you, your agency, and those you protect at significant risk. These methods are incredibly vulnerable to hacking, data breaches and having critical information fall into the wrong hands.

Evertel uses military-grade encryption, unique access keys, PIN codes, and screenshot protection to ensure all of your data, images, videos and files are never exposed to the wrong person.

“Controlling our texts & messages was a game-changer for my entire Unit. We simply cannot trust social media or common texting platforms for the extremely serious threats we investigate.”

Tactical Operations Lieutenant, Michigan

BLUE Security Scene
BLUE Onstreet Scene

Keep officers on the street and informed while on-shift

All critical intelligence and suspect information can be shared at any time… directly to only those persons that need to see your intel – on and off duty. No longer will squads need to wait for the PIO or rely on emails and briefings to gain intel. Be safer, work smarter, and stay informed… isn’t that what all officers want… and need? See how Evertel makes your department more efficient

“The immediate sharing of critical information and all Intel is what we need today. We are still relying on emails or a squad briefing to get updates… but we need them immediately while we are working and they can’t dispatch that kind of Intel.”

Officer, NYPD, Counter-terrorism Bureau

Collaborate with other agencies in real-time

For the first time in policing, you have the ability to share all intelligence and collaborate in real-time with your neighboring agencies, fire and paramedics! You can even share intelligence to all agencies within certain states or across the entire national Evertel community. Suspects can be arrested sooner, missing persons can be located faster, and crime will be reduced!

“The fact that we can share among our neighboring agencies is one of the best features in my opinion. My entire Patrol Division is using Evertel for all wanted suspects and missing persons.”

Assistant Chief, Texas

BLUE Collaborate Scene
BLUE Unitboard Scene

Empower entire squads to keep each other informed

Regardless of where you serve or what shift you patrol, plain-clothes, uniform, or undercover, you now have a universal place where ONLY those you allow can see your detailed intelligence! In a squad room, any officer can post intelligence relevant to their shift or beat, to make it viewable to other officers in their unit or working the same beat.

“Our entire Squad uses Rooms so we can have our intelligence and beat-info seen by our entire Sector. I always check it before I head out to know what the previous shift dealt with.”

Deputy, Graveyard Shift, Central Florida Sheriffs Office

Protect your department from legal action

If you or your team is using SMS texting or public messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you are violating legislation under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and CJIS. Evertel ensures compliance with FOIA and Right to Know laws by disallowing the deletion of any data, utilizing a cloud infrastructure and maintaining SOC II security certifications.

Learn more about Evertel’s compliance features

Learn more about Evertel’s security

“Our Law Firm represents the majority of Officers within our jurisdiction for civil lawsuits. When we request the Officers to fully disclose any and ALL related messages on their smartphones, it does not matter if it was personally owned or not. If they discussed police matters, it is all public record but our Officers do not retain messages. We like Evertel’s ability to “archive” messages solely for the User that can be used in trial, discovery, or to defend their lawsuit.”

Law Enforcement Defense Attorney, California


Benefits by Rank

Regardless of your rank, assignment, seniority, or size of agency, there are incredible benefits to using Evertel

Chiefs/Sheriffs/Police Executives

  • Dispel rumors with direct, unfiltered messaging to ALL employees instantly
  • Create executive talk groups within your Department and other criminal justice agencies (FBI/DEA/USSS)
  • All chats, voice and data communications can be retrieved and audited by you at any time - and its FIOA and CJIS compliant
  • Have confidence that crime scene and investigation data will not ever fall into the wrong hands
  • Communicate suspect information and intelligence with other departments
  • Connect with City / Municipal / Medical / County /State /Federal ALL encrypted, ALL managed by you on Evertel

Specialty Units

  • Instant encrypted communication with those who need it, when they need it – voice / text / photos/ video
  • Communicate only with those needed to support your mission / assignment
  • Connect with other Task Forces, Inter-agency responses all from your phone
  • Case file information can only be accessed by those you select

Dispatch/Crime Analyst/Support Personnel

  • Push data instantly and directly to those that need it
  • Control who receives what from your desktop or the mobile app
  • Establish networks and chat groups with neighboring agencies for true interoperability
  • Keep radio channels clear of unneeded or unnecessary talk & chatter


  • Broadcast any and all crime intelligence immediately to those who need it
  • Only those YOU select can be in your groups
  • No more ‘encrypted’ talk groups on portable radios
  • Share information with supervisors in other agencies
  • Critical incidents can all be worked on your encrypted talk groups from your phone
  • You can create customized chat rooms to compartmentalize your intel. Even invite guests outside of the Department!
  • After-Action reports and data are stored in your portal forever (and data is not stored on your personal or department issued mobile)


  • Instantly share intelligence to those who need it – voice / text / photos / video
  • Share encrypted data only with those needed to process crime scenes
  • Share suspect information and data with total confidence and control
  • Case file information can only be accessed by those you select

Patrol Officers

  • Share intel only with the Officers you select to join YOUR encrypted network
  • Beat information, suspect info, crime data accessible from your mobile phone
  • Work emergencies and crisis situations on talk groups you create
  • Get real-time intelligence bulletins while on the street

Evertel 1st responder app

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