Instant Communication

Delivering real-time communication at the speed of 1st responders

Email is no longer the answer

Email is like a foreign country. You visit it infrequently and when you’re there, you can’t find anything. The fact is, in todays world of cell phones and instant reachability, email is slow, littered with irrelevant content, and simply ignored.

The fact is, many employees are ditching email in favor of texting, social media chat, and tools like Evertel. It’s faster, more direct, more visible and easier to use. Users are already acting on an action plan using Evertel before someone has even composed and sent an email.

It’s time you equipped your department with a better, faster, more secure, compliant communication tool. Join Evertel

  • Evertel delivers messages within seconds (often in milliseconds)
  • No game of email tag. Collaborate on Evertel in real-time
  • Need an immediate response on a time-sensitive matter? Evertel is best
  • Send the wrong info? With Evertel you can retract it immediately
  • With Evertel, there's no SPAM or unsolicited messages. Just relevant, important intel

SMS texting is unsafe

Although SMS text messages can be fast, for 1st responders, using SMS presents a considerable risk when texting work related, confidential information

Keep your team connected while on-shift

While emails are only looked at before and after shift, Evertel keeps your team connected while on-duty (10-8). Keeping your team informed and collaborative in real-time while keeping their boots on the ground.

  • Suspect updates
  • Incident command
  • Special event management
  • Traffic updates
  • Fire response/support
  • Extreme weather
  • Missing child
  • Hazardous materials
  • Pursuit
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