Become a more efficient department with Evertel

Not only does Evertel streamline communication to keep your staff informed, productive, and on the street – it also saves your department time, money and resources

Decrease administrative costs
No more copying documents for distribution or briefing books at the station. With one click, EVERY member in your Unit/Station/Department has what they need!
Staff special events faster
Staffing of special events can be done in a few minutes instead of numerous calls. One message to the special event’s Room and you can get the responses AND see who opened the request.
Decrease time in briefings
Save time in briefings without the need to cover a new SOP or admin directive. One message to your entire squad/group of direct reports and everyone has the new directive! You can also audit who read them!
Decrease OT costs on events
Save OT on dispatchers when working a low-risk holiday event or parade. You can manage all assignments and updates throughout your event on Evertel.
Faster 'After Action' reports
“After Action” reports takes hours if not days to compile, draft, and review. Simply give command staff access to the Room and the entire operation is logged in the Cloud, and stored forever on Evertel!
Decrease call-out time & OT
By sending a short video of the scene to your Crime Scene Techs, they can assess how many and who are needed on-scene, saving call-out time and unnecessary overtime hours.
Easier public info responses
Save time on Public Information Requests for your support staff and give them access to our Audit feature. Within 3-5 minutes, they will have the items needed on the request.
Fewer physical briefings
Save gas, time, and personnel costs by having a few of your squad briefings on Evertel. Some rural agencies now only brief in-person once a week, saving hundreds of dollars per week!
Decrease rumors
Let’s be honest, “rumors” waste time at work and can take our attention away from our mission. Evertel can dispel any/all rumors in seconds with one direct-from-the-source, unfiltered message to the entire Agency. #improvemorale
Case Study

I save an hour per shift with Evertel

Evertel’s ‘voice messaging’ literally saves me close to an hour of time booking my prisoners! From the location of arrest, I send all prisoner info from the booking packet directly to our Intake Officer with an encrypted voice message. No typing. Right on-site.

When I arrive at the jail, my Intake packet is complete and all data entry done. What took over an hour on a quiet shift now takes a few minutes… if that! This is now common practice in my department and gives our patrol staff an additional hour in-service per shift.


Patrol Officer

Increase your department's efficiency

Enterprise features without the enterprise cost!

Don’t let $5 per month stop you from FOIA compliance, encrypted communications and life-saving alerts!