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Evertel adheres to FOIA, CJIS, and HIPAA compliance guidelines and is built with transparency and accountability at its core


While it’s common for 1st responders to use public messaging apps for work-related communication, did you know it’s illegal?

While it is easy and free to allow your employees to use SMS and public messaging apps for work (trust us, they’re already using them), it comes with high risk. Use of such apps is a violation of both federal and state-level public records laws like FOIA and could lead to criminal and civil lawsuits against the department.

Here are a few examples:

State by State Compliance


Keep your communication compliant with Evertel

Here’s how we help protect you from public information lawsuits:

  • No employee can delete or destroy data within Evertel. All data is logged, stored, and maintained for auditability.
  • Audit controls. Should a public information request be received or an investigation require it, executive members of your department can run comprehensive audits on any and all data quickly and easily and export them in a variety of formats.
  • Messages can be retracted from all others should it be necessary, however, the data is maintained along with timestamps of when it was posted and when it was retracted.
  • Data is stored in a secure cloud system so the disappearance or withholding of a mobile device or computer will not hinder the ability to audit and recover any and all data.
  • All data changes are recorded along with what data changed and who changed it for full history reporting.

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